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Koronea is a holding company which runs all assets of the Wypychewicz family. It was established in response to the growing needs of the company in order to consolidate various business interests. It allows the organisation to be run more effectively in all its sectors, including electrical power engineering, manufacture of products for the construction industry and the hospitality industry. Koronea determines the strategic development of its subsidiary companies drawing on the knowledge, experience and potential of the entire organisation. The group has clearly defined objectives and strategies that help to achieve its goals, including analysis of the changing market using macroeconomic forecasts. Koronea is continually seeking opportunities to research and invest in new markets and technologies, whilst maintaining focus on the company’s future. Company strategy relies on informed decisions that allow reasonable and successful completion of its objectives, as well as providing an effective development plan. Koronea maintains high standards within its business interests and personnel and takes pride in giving credit to the employees therein, who are considered an integral part of its success. Professionalism, openness and kindness are our priorities in the way we work.

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KORONEA. The company was established in response to the growing business activity of Bogusław Wypychewicz and his family across three constantly developing avenues: electric power engineering, manufacture of building products, and the hospitality industry.

KORONEA owes much of its success to the business activity of Bogusław Wypychewicz in 1988. This is when Zakład Produkcji Urządzeń Elektrycznych (now ZPUE S.A) was established. During the 90’s ZPUE developed its brand equity attracted investment and expanded. In 1990 ZPUE entered the capital stock market and made its first acquisition. The company’s position and its influence on the Polish energy industry continue to grow. Today, KORONEA is the leader in its sector.

A new venture and exiting opportunity within KORONEA history, was the purchase of a reputable brand of timber windows and doors - STOLBUD WŁOSZCZOWA S.A., in 2007. This launched the development of the building product manufacturing division, which has been expanding since then. In addition to the electrical engineering and manufacturing there is also our hospitality division within the group. This includes the training service area within Villa Aromat Hotel and the training and recreation centre Chańcza.

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