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Supporting the Close to You foundation is a part of our activity giving us maximum satisfaction.

Koronea Group companies implement a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy by supporting and propagating the actions of the Close to You foundation.
The foundation was set up in 2010. It was established by Małgorzata and Bogusław Wypychewicz – the main shareholders of the Koronea Group, in order to act in a widely understood public interest to support local initiatives and to respond to social problems. Realising the CRS policies of the Koronea Group companies is an integral part of their strategy and development. This deliberate action is facilitated by a feeling of public mission, to strengthen the links with various groups of stakeholders and to establish a dialogue with the community.

All this is being done to contribute to sustainable development and welfare of the local community. The Koronea Group's integrated actions and years of experience actively helping and supporting the Close to You Foundation bring excellent results.
The best example of this is annually organised preventive medical examinations provided free of charge for Włoszczowa residents, the Group employees and their families. Approximately two thousand people were examined for serious diseases within the past four years. The foundation, supported by the Group companies' resources, such as the company clinic, transport, corporate volunteering. Thanks to this more can be spend for projects like permanent provision of meals for children and school students annual actions such as: “Computer with Internet for a student”, ”Welcome Spring”, where children and school students from poor families are awarded with holiday trips and valuable prizes.
In its current activity, the Foundation also organised two Great Charity Concerts, from which the entire profits were dedicated to cancer treatment of four children, and for building bathrooms for three large families. The Koronea Group was the main donor to those two charity events.

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