As part of the activities of Koronea P.S.A. and its subsidiaries, we strictly adhere to the values of sustainable development, expressing them through commitments in the areas of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance). Our philosophy is based on three key elements: social responsibility, sustainable environmental management, and effective corporate governance.


At Koronea, we place great importance on corporate governance, reflecting our commitment to transparency, honesty, and responsibility at all levels of management. Our companies adhere to rigorous principles of business ethics and comply with legal and regulatory requirements to ensure sustainable development and the trust of all our stakeholders. We regularly review and update our internal policies and procedures to ensure that our actions always comply with the highest corporate standards.

Sustainable Environmental Management involves the implementation of a Compliance system to ensure compliance with duties and regulations. The Compliance Officer oversees the avoidance of potential legal violations originating from the enterprise that could cause reputational damage or pose a risk of liability.

The Code of Ethics for Employees establishes minimum conduct standards for all employees. Business decisions are made in accordance with the principles of fairness and integrity, based on objective criteria such as cost, quality, value, and service. Employees are obligated to avoid actions that are inconsistent with the interests of the Group.

The Code of Conduct for Suppliers establishes minimum requirements for partners in terms of compliance with the law, business ethics, and fairness. We eliminate corruption and bribery in relationships with officials, clients, and business partners.

Koronea - ESG - Social
Within the activities of Koronea P.S.A. and its subsidiaries, we create solutions with people in mind, fully respecting their affairs, dignity, health, and safety.

At Koronea P.S.A., we not only shape the future of business but also commit to caring for our employees by creating a work environment based on the principles of sustainable development. We integrate social values with our business strategy, and the well-being of our people is not just an obligation but an integral part of our mission. We believe that a strong team is the foundation of the company's stable and sustainable development.

The largest contribution to our efforts for employees and the local community comes from our foundation "Jesteśmy Blisko" (We Are Close), which has been providing assistance on an increasing scale since 2010.

In addition to the activities of the Foundation, we support scientists by offering scholarships and awards in academic competitions. We also have a rich portfolio of clubs supported through sports sponsorship.

We drive the green transformation!

Our flagship company, ZPUE, specializes in the production of transformer stations and switchgear. It plays a key role in the development of the renewable energy sector. Currently, 30% of our products are supplied to the renewable energy industry. ZPUE's innovative solutions, including energy storage systems and electric vehicle charging stations, significantly contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

ZPUE maintains the highest standards in accordance with international ISO norms and holds certificates confirming compliance with the following norms:

  • EN 12843:2004 (national equivalent PN-EN 12843:2008)
  • PN-EN ISO 9001:2015
  • PN-EN ISO 14001:2015
  • PN-ISO 45001:2018
  • PN-EN 1090-2:2018-09
  • PN-EN 1090-1+A1:2012
  • PN-EN ISO 3834-2:2021-09

The Koronea portfolio also includes the company E-magazyny. Its mission is to spread knowledge about energy storage, green energy, and electromobility. The company is the publisher of the portal, produces a podcast on these topics, and organizes thematic conferences.

Koronea - ESG - Environmental

All employees associated with Koronea P.S.A. and its subsidiaries always act responsibly towards quality and the environment, aiming to increase customer satisfaction and ensure continuous improvement of environmental performance. This is done to avoid environmental pollution and constantly reduce the negative impact on the environment under all circumstances.

We achieve environmental objectives based on the principles of sustainable development through a systematic approach to quality and the environment. This involves continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System and methods of operation within processes essential for fulfilling our customers' orders. This activity is closely linked to compliance with legal regulations regarding environmental protection. We consistently eliminate threats to the natural environment and organize training for all employees and individuals acting on behalf of Koronea P.S.A. in the fundamentals and methods of quality and environmental management.

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