At Koronea we believe that the simple catalogue of values which we follow day to day is the best indicator and guarantee for the success of all our investments.

Our strength is the people we gather around us.


Development and innovation require constant change and continuous effort to ensure their shape is the best for us and for future generations.

We feel responsible for creating the future and for the sustainable development of our planet, for the good of both humans and animals. When managing our asset portfolio, we think only of our clients. We always deliver innovative products and services of the highest quality. We combine business, technology, ecology and society.


You cannot achieve results without passion for what you do every day. This is one of the main aspects determining the outcome of our efforts.

At Koronea we know that passion is one of the most important factors enabling us to be where we are today, and guaranteeing the far-reaching goals which we are aiming for.

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Unique projects mean unique requirements, and very little can be achieved without the inner strength necessary to support these day by day, which is why Koronea gathers together people who know that one of the most important values is the strength necessary to shape yourself and deal with the realities of the market.


Every investment requires courage, and without finding courage within you, there is no guarantee of any profit or result. It is obvious why we at Koronea value courage in decision making as much as honesty.


When working with us, you have no need to worry about this. It is in our DNA. In over 35 years of our operations we have earned our reputation as having an unquestionably strong business ethic. This is one of the many aspects in which we want to be an example worth following.


We believe we have achieved a lot by being open. Not only to the changes which we experience each day, but above all to the people we work with to create a new, better future.