Koronea is a company which is involved not only in business, but also in active support for sport and culture in Poland. Known for its concern for the development of local communities, the company invests in sponsorship of various sports clubs and organisations.

Sponsorship is not just investing in the brand, but above all testimony to the company’s social responsibility and involvement in the life of local communities.

Koronea - sponsoring - Karate
Kielecki Klub Karate Kyokushin Koronea
Self-development through martial arts
We have for many years been the titular sponsor of the Kyokushin Koronea Karate Club in Kielce, which can boast of considerable successes in the field of oriental martial arts. Members of the club have won hundreds of medals over the years, at Polish championships and cups in senior and junior categories, both men and women. One section of the Kyokushin Koronea Karate Club is based in Włoszczowa, where many employees of the Koronea Group take part in training.
Koronea - sponsoring - Raków
Raków Częstochowa
Polish champion from Częstochowa
Raków is a club with over a century of tradition. In 2019, it returned to the Ekstraklasa after 25 years. In the following two seasons, the club twice celebrated runner-up titles in the Polish Cup and Super Cup. During the 2022/23 season we celebrated the biggest success in the club’s history together - the Polish Championship. The club successfully represents Poland at home and abroad, where it qualified for the group phase of the Europa League.
Koronea - sponsoring - Norwid
Exact Systems Norwid Częstochowa
Beniaminek PlusLigi
The club from Częstochowa earned a promotion to the PlusLiga in the 2022/23 season. This team is constantly improving, as confirmed by its results in recent years. Year by year, Norwid has been finishing in increasingly high positions in the PlusLiga, which has resulted in the promotion and chance to play with the country’s best sides. The club also takes care of the development of young people through its youth section and the Norwidziak Academy.
Koronea - sponsoring - Hetman
Hetman Włoszczowa
Over 70 years of sporting tradition
For many years now we have supported KS Hetman Włoszczowa – a local club whose traditions reach back over 70 years. It is one of the oldest sports clubs in Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship. It currently consists of two sections - football and volleyball. Altogether, over 230 players train with KS Hetman Włoszczowa. The club focusses on youth development, with the youngest being just under five years old. In 2019, Hetman received a silver star from the Polish Football Association (PZPN) as part of its youth football club programme, for the quality of the work with children and young people in the club.
Koronea - sponsoring - Deko
Deko Włoszczowa
Training, Football, Talent
September 2021 saw the official signing of a partnership agreement under which our company financially supports the local football club DEKO Włoszczowa. In addition, ZPUE has become the strategic sponsor of the club project entitled Trening Futbol Talent. The aim of this project is to create an individual development path for football aces. The club’s main aim is to train youths, to help them develop and support them as they enter the world of serious football.

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We have always appreciated passionate people, which is why we support athletes from our region.

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