Since 2010, the activity of this public benefit organisation has been concentrated on being present wherever people need that help. The Jesteśmy Blisko Foundation was built up by Małgorzata Wypychewicz, and for three years has been headed by Marta Szewczyk – Wypychewicz. These two women are the driving force behind the Foundation’s committed team of employees and enormous group of volunteers. This NGO operates on many levels, from education, through preventive health measures to ‘here and now’ activities.

Support goes to the elderly, the poor and those with disabilities, but the Foundation also invests in young people and social activation. The priority is to fight for the health and life of those being cared for - their rehabilitation is financed, as are their medicines and specialist equipment, and surgery abroad.

The Foundation places particular emphasis on preventive and pro-health campaigns by systematically organising screening tests for members of the local community. This leads to the timely discovery of many serious illnesses and worrying lesions.


Fundacja "Jesteśmy Blisko"



The natural environment is also subject to care by the Jesteśmy Blisko Foundation, which joins in existing initiatives and creates its own pro-ecology actions. It participates in tree-planting campaigns, and takes care of proper disposal and recycling of waste. It supports the people in its care by monetising kilogrammes of electronic waste.


Out of concern for the development of children and young people, educational workshops are held, as well as meetings with experts, and their dreams are fulfilled.

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Thanks to financial donations, this organisation can fight for the health of its charge and give them hope for a better tomorrow.

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